Styles de vie

Let’s go floral!

Just one thing before I start this article ; some people has asked me why, since few days I was writing in English. Not all my fellows speak that language. So, I’m going to give you a kind of simple answer. I’ve looked my statistics and … unhapilly … I’ve get more visits for English speakers’ country than for francophones’ one. But, don’t be worry buddies, soms, I’ll post in French or I’ll make doublons just for youuuu!



It was such a beautiful day! Birds were singing, kids were gaming, lovers well … you know. Hum, i’m loosing my goal. I’m not going to write about sexuality or some stuffs like that : don’t worry!

I just want to show you an other serie of flowers. I took that pics in the Tenbosh’ parc (I think, I’ve already spoke about that lovely place, but If I don’t, you have to visit it. It’s one of the most beautiful Brussels’ parc – end of the brackets – ) and like the last time – for Antwerpen – I’m gonna ask you if you can give me the plants’ names cause botanic is not my favorite topic …

So, please enjoy that colors, I wish you could go in real life to enjoy flowers’ smell as well!




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